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If your BP Claim was denied for any reason call 1 (877) 701-0222 for help getting your compensation.

Unfair Claims Rules

Some of the rules and methods used to determined which claims are paid and which are denied are unfair - at best.  Some of the rules are simply wrong. 

If your claim for lost compensation, business losses, or other lost income or wages was denied, complete the form on the right and we will contact you shortly. 

If You Decide to Take Legal Action

At this point, legal action may be your only option for getting compensation from BP or another responsible party.

With the right evidence and supporting information, we may be able to negotiate and settle your case without going to court

To learn more, call 1 (877) 701-0222 or complete the form on the right to get an email from an attorney or professional investigator.  Consultations are free.

Damages to People and Businesses

bp spill hurting fishing industryThe BP oil spill took a giant economic toll on people people all along the Gulf Coast. 

Some of the businesses and people most affected by the oil spill include:

worried about bp oil spillThere are countless others whose livliehoods depended, either directly or indirectly, upon the Gulf Coast waters to make a living and support their employees and families.

Thousands of potential business deals and profitable partnerships were destroyed costing the owners and managers millions of dollars in lost commissions and profits.   

If you are like them, then you may be exceptionally concerned about the future of your business, your job, or your property and home. 

Complete the form on the right to discuss your denied claim with an attorney or investigator who has been working with BP claims cases.   

Companies that May be Responsible

compensation may come quicklyThe companies that may be held responsible for oil spill damage compensation include:

Depending upon the extent and nature of your damages any or all of these companies may be responsible for compensation due to you

Consultations are Free

Your consultation is free.  If we believe your claim is one we can win for you, then we will take your case on a contigency basis.  

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